GATE- Mining Engineering Subject Wise Analysis- New Pattern.

“A detailed analysis of each subject/ sections of previous year gate exams. This analysis will help you identify the subjects you should prepare hard and make your preparation a smart Work”

Hello Aspirants. We at meritplus trying hard to deliver the much-needed guidance to mining engineers in the current competitive scenario. Many of you may have started preparation. Some are in the mid and a few have already completed the course. GATE is changing its pattern every year making it more complex and less predictable. We should clear our fundas and make smart work to crack the exam. Ok. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Let’s clear some basics about GATE Pattern:

  • 65 Questions
  • 55 Tech and 10 Non-tech Questions
  • Out of 55 Tech – 25 Questions are- 1mark, rest at- 2 mark
  • Two type question- Objective, numerical
  • And of course 3 hours of exam

Here we will discuss the details about tech only as it takes a maximum share of marks.
Difficulty Level of GATE Exam:
We have prepared pie chart containing 4 difficulty level.

Type of Difficulty:
  • Easy- Direct formula based or fact-based
  • Moderate - Indirect Formula-based or fact-based with tricky writing Style
  • Difficult - Interlinked Question, Formula-based or matching Questions
  • Very Difficult- Require broad knowledge on topic, different topics interlinked

So we can safely assume that moderate and easy level questions are comprising more than 50 percent of total questions asked. So proper knowledge on the topic as well as better guidance can help to achieve more than 50 percent.

Further, we have analyzed the weightage of different topics in gate Exam. It will help you to prepare the subject which has lion’s share in GATE exam.

We have divided the GATE Syllabus into 13 Subjects as:
  • Engg. Mathematics
  • Mine Development
  • Mine Surveying
  • Engg. Mechanics
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Mine Method
  • Mine Machinery
  • Mine Ventilation
  • Mine Hazard
  • Mine Environment
  • Geostatistics and planning
  • Mine Economics

The analyzed data shows that Rock Mechanics, Mine method, and Ventilation are the key subjects in GATE examination. However, we can see a consistency in question asked in some of the subjects as hazard, environment, and survey with a higher share in GATE. The Current trend shows that GATE is asking more Question in numerical form and making answers less predictable.

AS per this analysis Our Advice for you:
  • Prepare Rock Mechanics, Ventilation, Methods – these subjects can fetch you more than 30 marks.
  • Prepare subjects with theory in mind- as the Exam is asking tricky theoretical question to check your fundas.
  • Solve previous year gate Question – It will help you in getting more info about exam style.
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Thank you. Jai Hind.