GATE - 2021 Registration Form

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Terms and Condition:
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  3. C. Meritplus doesn’t take responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of data provided in various study material/tests.
  4. D. REFUND POLICY: No refund will be possible if student want to discontinue due to medical ground or any other engagements. The student is sole responsible for his own action, in no case institute will be the loss.
  5. E. Disciplinary Action: if at any stage, the student found breaching the rules and regulation of the institute, the admission to the institute get cancelled and all the fees paid will be forfeited.
  6. F. In the case of illness or other engagement, in no way institute will rearrange class as per the students. On extreme situations decision of management team will be binding.
  7. G. Without paying dues on time, Student cannot be allowed to online classroom. We request students to arrange the fees on the dates as soon as possible.